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I have been helping people using hypnosis since 1993. I have an impressive success rate of smoking cessation. (85% of my clients never smoke again.) Clients have come to me from all over the country to help with issues from sleep problems to pain management to surgery preparation to weight loss. I am an expert on stress management, speaking and leading workshops for corporations and associations in New York and New England. New York and Connecticut physicians, chiropractors, dentists and psychologists refer patients to me.

I continue with my hypnotism education every year, taking regular classes to study the most advanced techniques, working with, among others, Calvin D. Banyan Ma, BCH, CI, FNGH, Shaun Brookhouse, GCGI, MA, CertEd, ADHP(NC) and Noreen Perkes, MS.

I hold a Complementary Medical Hypnotism certificate from the National Guild of Hypnotists, and advanced training with stress, cancer, pain management, diabetes, surgery preparation, stroke and childbirth preparation. I have led workshops on self-hypnosis for audition preparation for acting and music students in New York City, Boston and Seattle, and speak at seminars and forums on stress reduction in New York, Connecticut and Harvard University.

My Lighter Collection

When clients come to me for smoking cessation, they "surrender" their cigarettes and lighters. Recently, I started keeping the lighters. I'm collecting quite a stash!


I just want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I have not felt anything negative, no withdrawal symptoms or any big urges. I just feel great and every day much better in all aspects."
--Father Anibal Rodriguez, C.P.

I went to Meg Tocantins in September of 2006 to help me quit smoking. When my 60 year old brother died of lung cancer I decided it was long past time. My primary doctor suggested hypnosis and he said that he knew of someone who had a good record in helping others. I really didn't know what to expect as I had never been hypnotized before and I found it to be a very soothing and easy experience. She just kind of put me at ease and I fell into what I felt was like a light sleep. When I awoke I had a little voice in my head that was telling me that I was a non-smoker.  I'm not quite sure how long that went on - for months I believe - but I never picked up another cigarette. Even now after three years, every so often I hear that little voice saying "I am a non-smoker". I am so so glad that I am a non-smoker. Thanks Meg, you may have saved my life. 
-- Betsy A. Harrisville, N.Y.

"With Meg's guidance and supervision, I quit smoking on 2/22/2011. Her best advice was 'not one puff.' It is not easy to stop smoking, but when you trust Meg and accept that she will lead you to the truth, you will stop smoking and will be forever in debt to her wisdom."
-- Kathleen
On November 14, 2011 you helped me to quit smoking through hypnosis. Well, it is now four and a half months and I'm still cigarette free thanks to you. In fact this Monday, April 2 will be exactly 20 weeks that I haven't smoked. That comes to about $600.00 that won't be going to the tobacco industry. I'll be having my annual physical this June and I can hardly wait to tell my doctor that I finally quit. Thank you ever so much. It was my good fortune that I met you that Monday afternoon at OWS.
-- A former smoker who helped me celebrate the Great American Smokeout 2011. I hypnotized people at Occupy Wall Street, furthering my goal to take down the tobacco companies.

"I found Meg to be professional and competent in her field. I came to her office with the desire to stop smoking (after several failed attempts). She offered me the counseling and assistance to succeed in this challenge. I am now smoke free for six weeks with her help, and believe this attempt has been a lower-stress event than in the past. I believe I will be successful and I am grateful to Meg. I will refer to her to my friends facing this life challenge."
-- DK, Queens, NY

"No pressure--great support. Meg supplied the tools I needed and created the desire for me to use them. I was encouraged throughout the process. I did it! I quit smoking!"
-- Sue, Stamford, CT