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Hypnosis in the Media

April 2012 Article on Medical Hypnosis in the Wall Street Journal
(I commented on the article!)  You Are Getting Very Healthy

Video with Dr. Oz - Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Paul McKenna is a well-known hypnotist who lives in England. You can pay his celebrity prices when you work with him when you happen to be vacationing in London, or you can start losing weight with me - right here, right now!
I can help you lose weight quickly and safely. Call me: 917-292-8115

Other Dr. Oz videos on Hypnosis and Weight Loss:
Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Part 1
Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Part 2
Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Part 3
Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Part 4

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Call me if you have trouble -- 917-292-8115.

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